Saturday, December 26, 2009

Increase Your Email Subscribers To Your Blog

1. Bribe Them – A very effective way to get plenty of people to subscribe to your blog is to bribe them with some kind of offer. Every blogger who is worth their salt has some kind of offer in effect in order to obtain more email subscribers. if you look at John Chow’s blog you can see that he offers a marketing strategy guide. However you do not have to put together a 60 page guide in order to get subscribers. You can offer them something small. Maybe something like a do’s and dont’s list. If you offer them something, no matter how small it is, you will see an increase in subscribers

2. Contests – Run some type of small contest. Again it doesn’t have to be anything big just something to get people’s attention. Remember everybody want’s something for free :)

3. Make the Sign Up Form Noticeable – Make sure you don’t have your email subscription form hidden underneath a whole bunch of other junk. Remember getting subscribers is the number one goal that should be set into place for your blog. That should be the first thing people see when they get to your site. A good tool that I have been using is AWeber. Since using them I noticed a 27% increase in email subscribers. When you come on my site, that light box that pops up is part of their system. They also have excellent ways to send emails to subscribers. One of the ways auto sends an email after you write a blog post. This is one tool that I think every blogger should have. Try it out for one month (it only costs 1$ for the first month and I guarantee you will be sold).

4. Keep The Content Coming – People do not want to subscribe to a site that only updates their blog once every 2 weeks. Make sure to keep your content up to date. This means write blog posts at least 3 times a week.

5. Don’t give them Trash – People do not want to read trash articles. This is the quickest way not to get subscribers and to lose the ones you already have.

Well there is my small list of ways to get people to subscribe to your blog. If you have any other ideas please do not hesitate to share them with the community by posting it in the comments box.


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