Monday, January 18, 2010

4 Places to Put Widgets on Blogger Free

Although Blogger is one of the most widespread platforms for blogging, we are all aware that the limitation is in regards to widgets. Though Blogger in draft always allow a few more options than the normal Blogger, the service still has shortcomings in this regard. Well, they've added Google Gadgets to the possibilities of widgets but ...

However, if we're in need of a widget that we offer a special function not found in Blogger, we rely on third parties. Using any of the services that we will see below, you may find what you need:

Widgetbox: Perhaps one of the most popular services. It has a wide variety of widgets classified by tags and has an internal search. No registration is required, although it is free. Without doubt, the first place to look.

SpringWidgets: Offering more than 40,000 widgets listed by categories and tags, plus search engine available. Does not need to register.

yourminis: It has fewer widgets available prior service, but is fast and fluid. It is not classified either by categories or by tags, but has an internal search.

Widgiland: Widgets of all colors and platforms, whether a social network, your desktop, iPhone, Andriod ... and blogs, of course. Although this last point, the number of widgets is quite short relative to the first two. No registration is required.


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