Saturday, July 31, 2010

Add Excel Spreadsheet in Blogger Post

Open your document in Excel or another Excel document reader.

Left click your mouse from the left, top-most column all the way to the bottom right of the spreadsheet. This will select all the cells.

Click the "Copy" button in Excel to copy the spreadsheet. Do not press the "Cut" button as while it will copy the spreadsheet, it will also erase it.

Log into your Blogger account by going to

Click "New Post" to begin writing a new blog posting. If you wish to add the spreadsheet to a current blog posting, click "Edit Posts" instead and then select the desired posting.

Right click anywhere in the blog posting text field and select "Paste." All data from the spreadsheet will then be added to the blog posting. Click "Publish Post" and your spreadsheet will be posted to your blog.


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16 comments on "Add Excel Spreadsheet in Blogger Post"

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I was also trying to post my excel spreadsheet on my blog account in some other way but cannot succeeded. Now, I will try to post it with that method.

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Its really helful for the bloggers, also there is fusioncharts which helps similar type of stuff.

tawatchanan on August 13, 2010 at 2:20 AM said...

I just do follow your instruction. It's work but only data and Table Code. Text Style and Table style are disappear. But Thank you for your tips.

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