Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blogger Basic : Make Your Blog Professional

Hide the default Blogger navbar to start the process of professional branding. The navbar can easily be removed by entering your template's HTML code and finding the closing body tag and inserting a line of code directly before it. See picture for example of what your closing body tag should look like. Once you save your changes view your Blogger blog to make sure the navbar at the top of your screen has been removed.

nstall a custom blog template. Making a Blogger blog look more professional is very easily accomplished by simply installing a free blog template provided by any number of Blogger blog designers. You would be surprised how many free templates are available and how easy they are to install. Most installations are based on simply uploading the new template file to your "Edit HTML" page whereas more advanced templates may have specific instructions which are typically described by the blog template designer. To find a suitable blog template do a web search for "free blogger templates" or "best free google blog templates" and begin searching through the vast supply of options.

our blogger blog will look more professional if you have a robust comment platform to replace the standard Blogger comment platform. There are a handful of javascript based comment platforms that can replace the default version. If you choose to do this option you will want to follow the instructions of the designer of the comment platform engine. Blog comment platforms are always in flux; do a web search for "blogger blog comment platform" and find install the platform you feel will best fit your blog's needs and your blog's template design.

astly, no professional Blogger blog is complete unless it is professionally branded with a custom domain name. Google Blogger offers a step by step guide to setting up your custom domain in the settings section of your blog's dashboard. Of all first step options this is the only one which will cost you money though the final cost does not have to be more than ten dollars if you are price sensitive. A custom domain name instantly makes a Blogger blog look more professional and if it is in addition to the previous steps will often make a viewer think they are looking at a unique stand alone website rather than a free Blogger blog that was set up in 30-60 minutes.


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