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Chrome and Firefox 15 Extensions for Bloggers and Web Developers

The browser is a leading web developer tools and the blogger, the extensions, an awesome way to empower them. Mozilla Firefox is currently the head with more than 5000 extensions, however, Google Chrome was stomped and now has about 3000.

An excellent example of the ability of complete are the following 15 extensions for Firefox and Chrome that can make life easier for Bloggers and Web Developers.

What is browser extensions?

Browser extensions, introduced in Chrome and Firefox, allow developers to add functionality to the browser and enhance the user interface in a way that is not directly related to the viewable content of Web pages. This class of extensibility includes add-on functionality that users might install to enhance their browsing experience.

1. Firebug

firebug Firebug is one of the most complete and powerful extensions for web development. Extremely useful for working with the code directly into the browser and see changes in real time.

Firefox: Download Firebug.

Chrome: Download Firebug.

Note: The version for Chrome is in beta, but already an extension as such, over the Firebug Lite version circulating for some time.

2. Speed Page / Speed Tracer

extensions are speed-tracer to assess the loading time of a site. Shows each of elements and their performance in the load. Very useful to decrease the load time and improve the user experience.

Firefox: Download Speed Page. Developed by Google, is an extension that works on Firebug.

Chrome: Speed Tracer. Extension also developed by Google.

3. Web Developer

A complete web-developer toolkit for working with HTML, CSS, standards, forms, images. It may be more than you need but work daily with this. Ideal for web designers.

Firefox: Download web developer.

Chrome: Download Pendulum.

4. SEO

seo-firefox extensions to help with the optimization and monitoring of a website in search engines. Statistical information by domain, position on Google, keywords, Web site performance, among many other important SEO parameters.

Firefox: Download SeoQuake SEO. Similar SENSEO.

Chrome: Download Chrome SEO. Similar SEO META Inspector.

5. ColorZilla / Eye Dropper

colorpicker ColorZilla is a is a color picker, I.E. you can get the color of an element with only take a click on it. Lets get the color code in different formats or show the rest of the surrounding color palette.

Firefox: Download ColorZilla.

Chrome: Download Eye Dropper.

6. IE Tab

IETab IE Tab is an extension that lets you view a website with your version of Internet Explorer, but within your own browser. With the advantage of having a button at hand and not waiting for the glorious full load IE.

Firefox: Download IE Tab

Chrome: Download IE Tab

7. Window Resizer

window-resize resizer allows the browser to test how a site looks at multiple resolutions. It gives you the same view on a notion that resolution natively, but a good indication of the design space.

Firefox: Download Window Resizer.

Chrome: Download Window Resizer.

8. MeasureIt

MeasureIt MeasureIt is a simple plug-in that allows you to measure the dimensions of any element in the browser. As its icon shows it works as a virtual rule.

Firefox: Download MeasureIt.

Chrome: Download MeasureIt.

9. Screengrap / Webpage screenshoot

screengrap Screengrab is an excellent tool to copy or save captures visible part of a page in the browser, the entire site or a specified area. Simple and very effective with their homework.

Firefox: Download Screengrab.

Chrome: Download webpage screenshoot.

10. Link Checker

Link Checker link-checker can verify the status and type of links on a website. Perfect for finding broken links.

Firefox: Download Link Checker.

Chrome: Download Chrome Link Checker.

11. Greasemonkey

Greasemonkey Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension reference and allows loading scripts and styles on any website and enhance our browsing experience. There are thousands of scripts for virtually all use, for example, retrieve feedburner subscribers.

Firefox: Download Greasemonkey.

Chrome: Not necessary. The latest version includes native support for greasemnkey scripts.

12. AdBlock

Adblock AdBlock is an extension that allows you to block advertising for most websites. Allows the developer to clean up the interface with which you work, for the blogger avoids unproductive impressions of the ads themselves.

Firefox: Download AdBlock Plus.

Chrome: Download Browser Button for AdBlock and AdBlock.

13. Twitter

Twitter catalog it not for Twitter extensions as necessary, but certainly they are popular among bloggers and developers. Allow read and post Twitter messages from a window and agile discrete reading.

Firefox: Download Echofon.

Chrome: Download Chromed Bird.

14. BuiltWith

BuiltWith lets you know that CMS or script that made a website, showing an icon in the browser address bar.

Firefox: Download BuiltWith.

Chrome: Download BuiltWith.

15. Flags

Chrome-firefox-flag shows the flag of the country where it is hosted a website or blog.

Firefox: Download Flagfox.

Chrome: Download Chrome Flags.


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vijay on February 22, 2010 at 8:21 PM said...

Hi wajid,
This extreme extensions of chrome and firefox is excellent.Now i gather some useful information from here.Thanks.

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Google Chrome is the best, I use both of them but i like chrome much.

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I don't know what I would do without my chrome extensions, their life savers

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chrome is best than other all browser

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